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In the real estate industry, construction is a costly process which requires sufficient source of finance to complete the project smoothly according to the expectation. It may become difficult to manage the expanse without necessary funds. That is where our real estate sales team works diligently to ensure your project is not compromised for any lack of funding. If you have a partial budget and require to sell a number of apartments from your property to get the support for remaining funding, then we have an in-house team of expert sales professionals to ensure the money is running in for the smooth completion of your project.

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Our team of real estate sales professionals ensure convincing marketing and sales strategies to make it more organised and reliable. Let’s know the steps we follow in this process.
Pre-sales preparation
In the beginning of the sales process, we focus on ensuring every best possible thing needed to showcase your apartment in the best light. Our team conducts comprehensive market analysis to understand the dynamics of the residential apartment market. By analysing local trends, selling rates, and buyer preferences our team prepares the necessary documents like floor plan, brochures, product profile etc. that support the sales process and run promotions to generate interest among potential buyers
Lead Generation and Customer Contact
Our dedicated sales teams work tirelessly to generate qualified leads through online and offline platforms and follow up regularly to initiate contact with potential buyers. We keep an eye on the industry trends and client persona so that we can cater to the most prospective deals to sell apartments to our expected customer profile. We reach out to them, engage in meaningful conversations, and start building relationships to progress in the sales process.
Customer Engagement and Negotiation
We handle inquiries promptly, address any concerns, and negotiate prices to ensure maximum value of the apartment. We organise query meetings and site visits to ensure clients are well informed. Our goal is to secure the best deal possible while meeting the needs of both parties. We accurately price your apartment for best market value, with a competitive edge in the financial funding which can be utilised for the further construction process.
Agreement and after-Sales Support
Once our sales team is confirmed with the negotiated price that is mutually agreed upon by both parties, we take care of all the paperwork and any applicable documentation involved in finalising the sale and apartment handover. Additionally, upon further discussion wherever applicable, we provide after-sales service, handling any customer modification requests or queries to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all the parties involved.

Why Trust Mirsaige ?

Our commitment is to streamlining your real estate journey, enhance your asset value, and navigate the complex regulatory landscape on your behalf.

Expert Negotiation Skills

Our experts are dedicated to improving the efficiency in your project succession , reducing operational costs, and enhancing the performance of your assets. We believe that every real estate venture should be optimised to its fullest potential, ensuring the highest return on investment for our clients.

Insightful Market Adaptation

The real estate market is subject to rapid changes and evolving tenant needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you adapt to these market conditions. By staying ahead of market trends and proactively addressing customer needs, we ensure relevant and profitable promotions for your apartment sales.

Impactful Sales Campaigns

Targeted campaigns and leveraging our expertise in apartment sales, we implement tailored marketing campaigns to reach potential buyers. From online listings on industry-specific platforms to targeted advertising in business publications, we ensure your apartment gets maximum exposure to the right audience.

Guidance and real outcomes

Real estate regulations and standards can be intricate and overwhelming, but our effective real estate sales processes are designed to ensure that your properties meet all compliance requirements that your assets are managed with minimised risk and maximise long-term success by selling the apartment in good deals.

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